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Just a small Blog used to share some development experiences. Mostly experiences with TYPO3, Extbase / Fluid, PHP, MySQL ...

Jul 10, 2013

In this post I'll share my personal setup for Sublime Text Editor with you.

A full setup of my workbench will follow in the future on my website daniel-siepmann.de

Currently I'm using the latest build of Sublime Text 3 (3047). All packages are compatible with SB3. My main usage is for writing websites in PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS using the CMS TYPO3 and Extbase/Fluid. As dvcs I'm using Mercurial.

So most packages are related to this stuff.

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May 15, 2013

The TYPO3 Documentation Team makes a great job. Each feature is as good as it's documentation. Whether inside the code or as HTML or plain text format.

The Team updates the documentation as good as it could.

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May 15, 2013

For my training as "Specialized Computer Scientist Software Development" I had to write a project.
This project was a TYPO3-Extension which I finished now.

This extension is just another integration of facebooks open graph tags in TYPO3.
Of course you can ask why I wrote another integration? It uses extabse and fluid and is easy to extend or modify.
Additionally I planed to extend this with a third app API, so other extensions can use this.
E.g. a news or product extension with two possibilities:

  • Share the news or product instead of the page
  • Share the news or product or the page using an API or iFrame

You can take a look at the following pages:

Feb 4, 2013

If you want to create links like ?myGetParameter[]=myVariable you can't do with Fluid at the moment. Additionally you can't use variables in keys. E.g. inside a f:for you can't use the iterator to create something like ?myGetParameter[0]=myVariable.

I resolved this problem using a custom ViewHelper that creates the needed array.

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Nov 27, 2012

If you are using Sublime Text 2 for coding TYPO3 Fluid templates, you will shortly create your own snippets for all the VhewHelpers.


Why do the work twice, perhaps multiple times in your company? Or more often in the Community? Use an existing package offering (currently some, later all) core ViewHelpers. And help to improve and complete this package.

Here you can find the repository and manual how to install the package.

Nov 2, 2012

It's poor, but Fluid currently doesn't support checked for radio and checkboxes. There are already tickets about that in forge.typo3.org.

Currently fixes are under review. But the ticket exist since some years ...

So here is a small help that worked for me. I'll not promise that this solution will work in all situations. Please give me some feedback if this didn't help or you have some improvements.

So here is the "solution":

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Oct 26, 2012

Yes, you're right. There are no more databases in Extbase. But sometimes you have to debug this ghost queries. That's how to do:

You can debug the Extbase-SQL-Queries by inserting the debug-Code into the File t3lib\class.t3lib_db.php.

Search for the Method "sql_query". That is where the queries are executed. Insert your code and see the result.

For Example, add this line before the return-Statement:

if (stripos( $query, 'your_table_name')) {
    echo '<pre>$query:';
    print_r( $query);
    echo '</pre>';

Change your_table_name to your table name. This will prevent you from dumping every Query. You just will see the queries for the specified table.

Oct 26, 2012

The blog is now styled like my Sublime Text 2 color scheme.

Some people have problems installing my Sublime Text 2 color scheme presented in an older post. This is how to install it:

  1. Go to the Repository]
  2. Open the tmTheme-File.
    Click the file name.
  3. Open it as raw.
    In the upper right corner of the file content.
  4. Save the file to your folder.
    CMD+s (Mac), STRG+s (Linux / Windows).
    You can find the Folder by navigating to the "Browse Packages" menu entry of your Sublime Text 2.
  5. Select the color scheme in your Settings.

That's it.

Oct 26, 2012

Extbase offers you the possibility to create CommandController that you can execute through the CLI. But how to configure them?

The easiest way is to configure them via the CLI.

But often you want to configure them via TypoScript, this is the way how to do that.

First add the TypoScript. Extbase will search the current ID, this is not set for CLI so the next page will be the rootpage. Put your TypoScript on this page. Additionaly, CLI is not FE, so plugin.tx_extkey.settings will not work. Add the following line.

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Oct 25, 2012

You often have to merge some storage pids inside your static typoscript setup of an extension.

Here is a small example.

You have an Extension serving the users and another one serving a gallery. The gallery will extend the existing user extension and therefore need the storage pid of the user records and of the images.

This is done by using the following setup and constants.

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